It's all about bingos!

Welcome to one of the ugliest sites on the web built by someone who did web stuff for a living.

We are talking about bingo machines here, mostly Bally, but with a few digressions into United and other manufacturers.

My main interest is the technical details and reference materials. If you are looking for lots of interesting reading and are tired of getting bogged down in the details, click over to Danny Leach's bingo site or Ray Watts site

Where's the little numbered balls?

Wrong kinda bingo. We are interested in pinball machines that look somewhat like this thing.
They have no flippers, 5+ balls, and are, umm, "for amusement only" (yup, no gambling here...honest, really - well, maybe not).

If you want to get the historical perspective, check out the History link over there to the left. We've swiped articles by Russ Jensen and added some pictures. Also, Jeffrey Lawton (no, that's not me!) has published a book published by Schiffer cleverly titled "Bally's Bingo Pinball Machines", so it should be easy to spot on your favorite bookseller.

Information for each game (like flyers, score/instruction card scans, mixer blueprints) is in the machine listings.

What's new

Here's as good a place as any for those obligatory little "what's new" images!

new More United manuals and schematics are getting added slowly. Thanks to Dennis Dodell for loaning me some of the material. If you are looking for United paperwork and it's not there, send me a comment and I'll see if I have it. 2/24/14
new Steve Smith has a nice photobucket presentation on a bikini cabinet overhaul. 10/22/11
new Richard Gerlitz did a series of videos on repair which I keep forgetting to add to the site 08/22/11
new Added a writeup on moving the magic screen. 11/13/10
new Roller Derby and Miss America overhaul notes posted. 9/11/10
new red letter game and OK on Bounty has finally been posted. That's it for the how they work section unless someone has suggestions on what else they want badly explained. 8/20/10
new The don hooker interview has been posted. Thanks danny and ray for the source materials. 6/26/10
new score/instruction cards have all been rescanned and in most cases cleaned up. The backgrounds are all white. See yellow cells in the table on the paper listing page for missing cards. The goal is to have either good card scans and/or repros with svg file sources for all the games. Since removing cards to scan is a pita, a highest possible resolution digital photo of each card is almost always good enough to make a repro from. If you have a game with more/better/different cards than posted, please use contact form to let me know. 6/4/10
new Alan has branched out from bingo videos to a bally EM slot video, so the video site has expanded too. 5/18/10
new Geert found a japanese bingo site...around three years ago...and I didn't add it to the links. Since then, it's grown a bit. Check out the Bingo Colors site at, and see some of the Sigma machines. 5/18/10