It's all about bingos!

Welcome to one of the ugliest sites on the web built by someone who did web stuff for a living.

We are talking about bingo machines here, mostly Bally, but with a few digressions into United and other manufacturers.

My main interest is the technical details and reference materials. If you are looking for lots of interesting reading and are tired of getting bogged down in the details, click over to Danny Leach's bingo site or Ray Watts site

Where's the little numbered balls?

Wrong kinda bingo. We are interested in pinball machines that look somewhat like this thing.
They have no flippers, 5+ balls, and are, umm, "for amusement only" (yup, no gambling here...honest, really - well, maybe not).

If you want to get the historical perspective, check out the History link over there to the left. We've swiped articles by Russ Jensen and added some pictures. Also, Jeffrey Lawton (no, that's not me!) has published a book published by Schiffer cleverly titled "Bally's Bingo Pinball Machines", so it should be easy to find.

Information for each game (like flyers, score/instruction card scans, mixer blueprints) is in the machine listings and the paper summary.

What's new

Here's as good a place as any for those obligatory little "what's new" images!

new A very good computer version of various machines at Plus, he's building in a method for using the software with a real playfield and cabinet so you can add a computer and display to create a multiple game machine.

Another open-source system for creating a hardware/software hybrid machine is being worked on by Nick Baldridge. More to come when it's publically available.

new Dave Helyer provided a schematic for the early Palm Beach machines. It's been cleaned up and posted. Looks like they got rid of the ball counter unit and replaced it with the trough switch design partway through the production run. 6/22/15
new Nothing new really, but people were asking if the site was dead. Changes happen periodically, mostly to add more, better, higher resolution pictures to the game listings. For internal pictures, the ideal is high enough resolution to be able to zoom in and read the labels, but also get the most in the picture so people can see where the units are mounted. 3/8/15
new More United manuals and schematics are getting added slowly. Thanks to Dennis Dodell for loaning me some of the material. If you are looking for United paperwork and it's not there, send me a comment and I'll see if I have it. 2/24/14