Don Hooker interview

Sometime way back when (ok, around 1988), a few guys hauled don hooker to a pinball show and parked him in front of a camcorder and russ jensen's tape recorder.

The result wasn't really all that could be hoped for, as don was a bit nervous early on and his memory was fading. However, still some good stuff in there.

Below are excerpted sections of the interview. If you want to hear the whole thing (except for some edits to remove dead air, links are even further below.

Interview Excerpts

If you have a browser with some html5 support (pretty much latest versions of everything except internet explorer 8), a player should appear below each link so you can listen directly in the browser.
  1. player decision design theory
  2. wiring
  3. pre-production test games
  4. competition and testing
  5. keeping up with technology
  6. player decisions again
  7. payback percentage
  8. what killed bingos
  9. play testing

Entire Interview Audio From Russ Jensen Tape

This is russ jensen's tape recording of the interview. There's still some noise as more processing will add more distortion. If you don't mind a music in the background, the video soundtrack below is actually a little longer as russ missed the first couple minutes.
  1. complete interview - 64kb/37MB

Interview Video

ok, you asked for it...or maybe you didn't. The quality is, umm, not great....the pic at the top of the page should give you some idea. Also, someone layered music over the speaking, and didn't keep it on a separate track, so it can't be removed. However, the voices sound a bit different from the camcorder microphone and they haven't (I assume) been processed as much to remove a lot of hiss and other noise introduced by russ's tape recorder.

The video is in a matroska/mkv container. If your system won't play it, download and install the free vlc media player.

  1. interview video - 777MB mkv file
  2. interview video soundtrack - 128kb/76MB