Bally : Big Wheel

Game Parameters
Game Type wheel
Game Number 822
Manufacture Date 1968
Number of Holes 20
Number of Odds Steps 9
Max Payout 800
Max Extra Balls 0
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Reflex Units
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Big Wheel

After churning out six Mystic Line games, Bally offered a completely new game type - the wheel game. Must not have been a resounding success, because after this and it's follow on game Magic Ring, the format disappeared forever, with only the double-or-nothing concept carried forward to future games.

The roll-over buttons did the usual time extension for moving the scoring area around, but they inserted some arrow lights between each time extension level. You have to hit the roll-over buttons three times to extend the time to the next level.

While the game appears to have triple deck odds, it's really more like the early colored lines idea. The colors do not score separately, and there is only one replay counter unit inside to track the win regardless of the color it's in.

For example, at minimum odds, if you collect a 3-in-green for 3, then spin the wheel to put the three numbers in red, you'd get 6 more credits to bring you up to the 9 level.

wheel games

A short-lived game type first introduced with Big Wheel, only two games of this type were made.

The numbers are arranged in a circle, and a spinning disk inside the circle can be rotated to put the numbers into colored sections.

Since your couldn't actually move the numbers, just what color they were in, the game is not the easiest to win.

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