Bally : Magic Ring

Game Parameters
Game Type wheel
Game Number 839
Manufacture Date 1968
Number of Holes 20
Number of Odds Steps 9
Max Payout 800
Max Extra Balls 0
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Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 10.86MB
 - unoptimized manual (pdf) : 55.98MB

Mixer Diagrams
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 - 2: w-1058-4b
 - 3: w-1059-4b
 - 4: w-1060-2b
 - 5: w-1076-2b

Press Image
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Reflex Diagrams
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 - schematic : 16.32MB

S/I Card Reproduction
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S/I Card Scan
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S/I Card SVG Source
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Timing Diagrams
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Magic Ring

The follow on game to Big Wheel, one feature change was to add a star number equivalent from the Mystic Line games. Four numbers on the backglass have diamond rings drawn around them. Light all four and score 300 or 600. Since the numbers were always 4,14,17,18, you'd better get good at hitting those numbers!

The scores were completely revamped closer to the expected triple deck scoring that was on all the games for quite a few years previous to this - except Big Wheel.

If the "collect all winners or all but one" feature was lit and you got selection after 4th ball, you can spin the wheel and collect full independent pay for wins in red, yellow and/or green. You could also leave one win uncollected and push the gold button to reset into the double or nothing game to attempt to double the remaining win. Note you can't try and double all the wins in all the colors, you can only double one color.

If the "collect winners or all but one" feature wasn't lit, you would need to position the wheel in the highest winner - which you better be sober enough to figure out - and collect or try to double it. You abandon wins in the other colors

The game also allowed you to try and double a successful double or nothing win for double-double.

The kumbackey made it's appearance on this machine, allowing credits to be added to the replay register using a key operated switch.

wheel games

A short-lived game type first introduced with Big Wheel, only two games of this type were made.

The numbers are arranged in a circle, and a spinning disk inside the circle can be rotated to put the numbers into colored sections.

Since your couldn't actually move the numbers, just what color they were in, the game is not the easiest to win.

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