Bally : Miami Beach

Game Parameters
Game Type magic curtain
Game Number 571
Manufacture Date 1955
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 300
Max Extra Balls 3

Miami Beach

Another one-off game, Miami Beach featured the Magic Curtain. The bingo card is 5x9, but the right 4 columns are covered up by a set of metal slats like in a roll-top desk.

As coins/crdits are played, the slats may scroll back, adding another column to the bingo card. Once two extra columns are exposed, a corners scoring opportunity is created using the corner numbers of the 5x5 card centered in the 5x9 grid.

The red/yellow colored lines are carried over from Gay Time.

A new super-line pattern is formed by the diagonals of the center 5x5 card in the 5x9 grid. These superlines score 3-in-line as 5-in-line. If the magic curtain is closed, you can still score on the half of the superline that is visible.

Other than that, a four number select-a-spot is the only other going for this game.

magic curtain games

The card is 5x9, but 4 lines are initally hidden by vertical panels (like a rolltop desk slats). The screen slides right at mystery intervals revealing the additional numbers beneath, thus increasing the possible scoring combinations.

Miami Beach was the only machine to use this concept as the main feature of the game.

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