Bally : Orient

Game Parameters
Game Type mystic lines
Game Number 805
Manufacture Date 1967
Number of Holes 20
Number of Odds Steps 10
Max Payout 1800
Max Extra Balls 3


Orient introduces a mega-feature which will set the pace for the next few Mystic Lines games - the special game.

Similar to the skill shot on Bounty, the special game is a completely separate game-within-the-game.

In this case, it's called "Double Up". Using the white button on the front of the game, you could insert coins/credits to increase the special games scores which were displayed in a separate odds panel on the backglass. The special game play required you to make your first ball in an even number hole, the second ball in an odd, and the third in an even. If you got this far, you could stop before shooting the next ball and take the payout, or shoot the fourth ball for double-or-nothing, then the fith ball for double-or-nothing again.

While some people may have played the special game only, normally you are playing both games at once, which makes it more interesting to try and figure out how to make the required odd/even numbered hole and still get the balls into the same colored sections on the main card.

The special game also brought another major innovation to the bingo's - solid state circuitry. The machine needed to know when a ball fell into a playfield hole, and evaluate whether the hole resulted in a win/lose in the special game. The logic was too much for electormechanical units, and a large circuit board with transistors on it was placed in the cabinet. A side effect was that if you were playing the special game, balls would not be raised to the playfield until a ball had landed in a playfield hole or dropped through the return hole.

mystic lines games

First appearing on Border Beauty, this new game type took the section scoring idea from the magic screen games and got rid of the in-line scoring that had been on every bingo up until now.

While they were at it, they removed five holes from the playfield, and decided four colors (red/yellow/green/blue) were better than three.

Mystic Line Home Position Mystic Line Winner

The nasty trick was that one number in each color group was white with a corresponding colored star. That number counted as the fifth number in the color only, otherwise it only counted as a lit star. (e.g. the four blue lit plus the blue star would pay 5-in-blue. Two blue lit plus the blue star is worth nothing).

So you really have five balls and you have to get at least three out of four in the color to win.

Unlike the magic screen games, the color sections were stationary and you moved the numbers behind the metal panel that had the color pattern painted on it.

The main card is 4x5 (four rows, five columns). The center column was a Magic Line - it could be moved up or down one position. The two columns on the left could be swapped with themselves, and so could the two columns on the right.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the OK game feature, they added this as a standard item on almost all mystic line games, and called it the Red Letter Feature. 3 or 2 balls in the star numbers would award the red letter game.

In addition, all mystic line games had a 3 or 4 star numbers score some fixed number of credits.

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