Bally : Spot Lite

Game Parameters
Game Type one-card
Game Number 539
Manufacture Date 1951
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 10
Max Payout 200
Max Extra Balls 2
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Game Manual
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S/I Card Reproduction
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Spot Lite

The third game out of the pipe, and we are starting to see the things that made bingo's interesting. Brought over from the later one-ball games was the advancing odds/scores, so now you could insert more coins to improve your maximum payout.
Free spotting (lighting) of numbers and extra balls further improve your chances of winning.

pick-a-play buttons originated on this game, and was used on the follow-on game Palm Beach, and then disappeared for 9 years or so.

Spot Lite also have seperate scores for horizontal vs. vertical vs. diagonal wins. Diagonals of course paying more as you have less chance of getting them.

one-card games

The game has one main card, usually a 5x5 grid of numbers.

Usually, at least three numbers next to each other on either a horizontal, vertical, or the main 5 number diagonals are required to win.

There were, however, a few variations that occured over the years. The dimensions of the card, 2-in-line winners, and winning on the other diagonal combinations were all features that were used.

Another common feature was corners scoring.

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