Sirmo : Up and Down

Game Parameters
Game Type one-ball
Game Number unknown
Manufacture Date 1995
Number of Holes 12
Number of Odds Steps 0
Max Payout 5000
Max Extra Balls 0

Up and Down

Looks like the game was created to fit in a wall of "fruit machines", which are the euro versions of slot machines (which these days usually don't have reels).

one-ball games

One-ball games came before the in-line bingo's, and the name is literal. After depositing coins to determine payout odds and features, the player shot one ball to determine the winner.

There were a few one-ball games made with five balls. The first four balls would be shot into a channel on the left top of the playfield by "skill", thus qualifying the fifth ball to be used to roll around the playfield and drop into a hole to determine win/lose.

The skill consisted of pulling the ball shooter all the way back and letting it go. Of course, the whole point was to try and convince the law that the game was not a gambling device, but required actual player talent to determine the outcome.

I doubt the court was impressed.

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