United : Manhattan

Game Parameters
Game Type two-card
Game Number unknown
Manufacture Date 1955
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 0
Max Payout 200
Max Extra Balls 3
 - bg 1
 - bg 2

 - cab 1
 - cab 2

 - fly 1

 - int 1
 - int 2
 - int 3
 - int 4

Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 7.21MB
 - unoptimized manual (pdf) : 28.40MB

 - pf 1
 - pf 2

 - schematic : 9.64MB

S/I Card Reproduction
 - sirepro 1


A major redesign of the internal circuits, and switching to 50V operation brought this machine closer to Bally games than ever before. United kept their trademark spell-name feature, but now use roll-over buttons to light the letters, rather than holes in the playfield.

It's not all Bally-like, though. In this game, two coins/credits will light both cards, but the two cards don't score independently unless another feature is lit.

two-card games

Two 5x5 cards are the primary scoring cards on the backglass.

A common feature on this type of game was to have horizontal magic lines spanning the two cards such that numbers could be shifted from one card to the other.

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