Paper Inventory

Here's the archive of all bingo related paper that I have. If you can add to the archive, please send me a comment. I've spent over $1000 to collect this yourself.

  • Machine paper summary
    summarizes and links to stuff availabe in resource section of each machine.

  • Bally/United Manual and Schem Hoarder
    You want to grab all the manuals and schems for Bally and United machines, and are too lazy to use something like HT Track website copier? Fine, download these gigabyte zip archives.

  • Flyer tours:
    step through the flyers in alphabetical or chronological order! If you have a better copy (in some cases, a real flyer rather than a magazine ad), let me know. Note also that these are the 72 DPI images. The high DPI images (you can read the writing on the backglass!...or print it out) can be accessed from the individual game pages.
  • the "Green Book"
    the green book is an exploded parts breakdown of Hawaii. It's different from the normal game manual. It applies to all the mystic line games, and is sometimes useful for other machines.
  • the wimi version of the "Green Book"
    It's a little different from the green book. Original front cover was corrupt, so used a different image for it. A higher-res/61MB version.
  • Wilms Bingo Catalog
    4.6MB 300 DPI scan of Wilms (Belgium) catalog. It is really just the promo pics from the machines, two-per-page. The promo pics are the same as the ones in most of the manuals. The images are greyscale, so don't expect a lot.
  • Miscellaneous paper scans
    oddball and generic paperwork

  • Operator price sheets
    scans of original price listings. Usually only one bingo per sheet. Originals provided by Ray Watts.
  • How much did a bingo earn?
    The operators made a pretty nice income running these games.
  • How much did Mrs. Kelly earn?
    Steve found a year's worth of accounting data.
  • Patents
    Patent numbers posted in the machines. Links/text of patents will be posted if people find them.