Right, now we jump directly into the most complicated unit on a bingo - the mixer unit. It's not particularly mysterious, it just has a lot of pieces. Fortunately, the majority of the pieces make sense, and if you get it wrong, it'll be pretty obvious when things don't line up correctly.

mixer unit
Magic Ring - mixer and spotting unit

The mixer unit is that dense mass of wires and wipers on the top of the back door in most games.

Taking the unit apart means taking out the shaft which runs all the way from the motor to the spotting disc wiper. There is only one thing that really matters...put it all back the same way.

What you mainly care about is the orientation of the latch arm release cams in the mixer unit itself, and the various washers that are spacing things out. You will be sliding things off the shaft one piece at a time, so it's pretty easy to lay it out in the order it was taken off. Pictures don't hurt either. Another good way is to use a dowel as a substitute shaft - put the pieces on as you take them off...except the contact plates, obviously, those stay attached to the wiring harness.

If you somehow mess everything up, send me a comment and I'll try and help. If this is your first try at a mixerectomy, it's probably best to try and do it in one day so you kind of remember where things went.

This is the basic sequence you are going to follow:

  1. remove 16 pulse cam switches bracket
  2. remove roll pin connecting mixer shaft to 16 pulse cams
  3. remove spotting wipers
  4. unsolder/remove motor or unbolt the stator from the motor
  5. remove some of the mixer pieces by sliding off shaft to right
  6. remove stuff on spotting disk end of shaft
  7. remove rest of mixer pieces

Next up, pictures of most of those steps.