Bally : Beach Club

Game Parameters
Game Type one-card
Game Number 548
Manufacture Date 1953
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 300
Max Extra Balls 3

Beach Club

Beach Club took Palm Beach and added the popular select-a-spot feature from Bally Beauty. In addition, you could now spot one of seven numbers (vs. Beauty's four) using the spotting knob on the front door.

The roll-over buttons were reduced to spotting the numbers 2,5 and 8. Only one roll-over button could be enabled still, and they both did the same thing.

The other significant change from Palm Beach was removal of different scores for horizontal vs. vertical vs. diagonal wins. All in-line winners scored the same regardless of how it was accomplished.

one-card games

The game has one main card, usually a 5x5 grid of numbers.

Usually, at least three numbers next to each other on either a horizontal, vertical, or the main 5 number diagonals are required to win.

There were, however, a few variations that occured over the years. The dimensions of the card, 2-in-line winners, and winning on the other diagonal combinations were all features that were used.

Another common feature was corners scoring.

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