Bally : Beach Time

Game Parameters
Game Type magic squares
Game Number 611
Manufacture Date 1958
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 600
Max Extra Balls 3
 - chris dade image
 - bg 1
 - bg 2
 - bg 3

 - cab 1
 - cab 2
 - cab 3
 - cab 4
 - cab 5
 - cab 6
 - cab 7
 - cab 8
 - cab 9

 - fly 1

 - back door
 - card numbers
 - inside head
 - line E alignment
 - removing squares motor
 - search disc
 - slip ring wipers
 - spotting disc

Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 6.93MB
 - unoptimized manual (pdf) : 41.15MB

 - plug chart update

Mixer Diagrams
 - 1: w-735b
 - 2: w-782b
 - 3: w-756b
 - 4: w-835b

 - pf 1

Reflex Diagrams
 - w-770b

Service Bulletin
 - spotting disk wiring change

 - schematic : 9.49MB

S/I Card Reproduction
 - sirepro

S/I Card Scan
 - siscan

Timing Diagrams
 - timing 1
 - timing 2

Beach Time

This game is a sister machine to Cypress Gardens, and it showed up only one month later.

The major difference is Beach Time adds Magic Line F, so you could move all the numbers on the bingo card just like Sun Valley.

The only other addition is that the game lets you play coins/credits to try and improve your score before the 5th ball is shot. Cypress Gardens only let you try before the 4th using the stop and shop score booster feature.

This game is basically the end of the evolutionary chain for magic square machines. One simpler magic square game - Bonanza would be made 15 years later, and two similar games: Touchdown and Acapulco will appear in three years, but the Magic Screen took over the bingo world and made magic squares obsolete.

If you want a magic square game, the best choices would be Beach Time or Sun Valley, depending on what you want the Ballyhole to do. The stop and shop score booster feature isn't all that interesting.

Corners score green 5-in-line.

magic squares games

Some of the numbers on the bingo card are are mounted on wheels (behind the backglass), and pushing buttons on the foot rail allows you to rotate the wheels to rearrange the numbers into paying combinations.

A 1 9
19 4
A 9 4
1 19
The wheels have 4 numbers mounted on each. Here is the standard layout for magic square A. The first table shows the "home" position of the numbers, and the second table shows the numbers rotated one position:

The 4-number squares were initially used in the corners of the card, so people also called the feature "turning corners".

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