Bally : Golden Gate

Game Parameters
Game Type magic screen
Game Number 698
Manufacture Date 1962
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 600
Max Extra Balls 3
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 - bg 1

 - cab 1
 - cab 2
 - cab 3

 - fly 1

 - int 1
 - int 2
 - int 3
 - int 4
 - int 5

Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 8.68MB
 - unoptimized manual (pdf) : 55.54MB

Mixer Diagrams
 - 1: w-936b
 - 2: w-907-7b
 - 3: w-935b
 - 4: w-937b

 - pf 1

Reflex Diagrams
 - w-770-5b

 - schematic : 11.81MB

S/I Card Scan
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Golden Gate

Golden Gate introduced the game-within-a-game. It's pretty much a Circus Queen with the Golden Game added.

If you lit the "Gate" light, you would enable a purple section on the Magic Screen.

Dropping three or more balls into the purple section gives you the golden game. Holding down the R-button drops the balls and starts a game with a special screen layout which has five gold sections, two of which have black stripes. Now you just need to do what the backglass says - three in any gold section or two in one of the striped sections wins between 75-600 credits. No extra balls!

The machine also has the standard OK game. Since both the OK game and the golden game are next-game awards, you can only have one or the other.

See Ray Watts Silver Sails demo.

magic screen games

First introduced in Carnival Queen, the numbers on the card are stationary, but a moving metal screen is slid across them.

The screen has in-line scoring and irregularly shaped colored section scoring. In the sections, rather than needing 3,4,or 5-in-line, you can get 3,4, or 5-in-section to score. While some sections have numbers that are in a line, to win in a section, the lit numbers DO NOT need to be adjacent!

Screen Home Position Screen Position B Screen Position E Screen Position G

In the screen home position, the standard three color in-line scoring is available. As the screen is slid left, the in-line scoring is replaced with section scoring. At position B, the scoring is a combination of both methods. By position E, in-line scoring is gone completely.

Also notice how in position B, the green diagonal is now over three numbers that could not be a diagonal winner on the screen in the home position, but only three numbers are in the diagonal line!

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