Bally : Sun Valley

Game Parameters
Game Type magic squares
Game Number 592
Manufacture Date 1957
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 600
Max Extra Balls 3
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 - bg 3

 - cab 1
 - cab 2

 - fly 1

 - int 1
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Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 6.04MB
 - unoptimized manual (pdf) : 41.21MB

Mixer Diagrams
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 - 2: w-782b
 - 3: w-783b
 - 4: w-738b

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Reflex Diagrams
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 - schematic : 8.02MB

S/I Card Scan
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Sun Valley

This is the follow-on game to Show-Time, and the main differences are:
magic line F
on Show Time, the right column of numbers on the bingo card couldn't be moved. Sun Valley changed that, allowing the column to move up/down one position.

green score booster
when feature lit, green 3-in-line scores green 4-in-line

This is the second game that let you rearrange all 25 of the numbers - the first was Big Time. However, magic squares are much more useful than the magic lines, as any lit number could occupy one position in a movement range that spanned two columns and two rows. The magic lines in Big Time (and magic line F in this game) were restricted to movement within a single column.

Ballyhole awards the first extra ball, corners score green 5-in-line.

magic squares games

Some of the numbers on the bingo card are are mounted on wheels (behind the backglass), and pushing buttons on the foot rail allows you to rotate the wheels to rearrange the numbers into paying combinations.

A 1 9
19 4
A 9 4
1 19
The wheels have 4 numbers mounted on each. Here is the standard layout for magic square A. The first table shows the "home" position of the numbers, and the second table shows the numbers rotated one position:

The 4-number squares were initially used in the corners of the card, so people also called the feature "turning corners".

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