Bally : Yacht Club

Game Parameters
Game Type overlapping cards
Game Number 549
Manufacture Date 1953
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 8
Max Payout 300
Max Extra Balls 3

Yacht Club

Here's a unique game in Bally's bingo lineup, and a picture it going to help a lot, so here it is...

The game has a feature only used this one time - shifting/overlapping cards. The actual card is 5x9, but only one of the possible 5x5 squares you could make from it will score. I believe the picture shows the 5x5 square that is active if you don't have the shifting feature enabled. If you succeed in lighting "3 cards", your would be able to move the two red lines one column to the left or right, thus choosing one of three possible 5x5 cards. "4 cards" and "5 cards" could be lit to allow shifting the lines further right.

An additional feature was the superline, which is more clear on the full flyer. The two horizontal rows of numbers with darkened circles one the second row up/down will score with only 2-in-line when the feature is enabled.

The roll-overs spot two numbers each (red: 23,24 and yellow: 15,16), and both the roll-overs can be lit at the same time. Jeffrey Lawton points out that hitting both rollvers when lit will create an instant 4-in-line winner.

overlapping cards games

A 5x9 array of numbers in the backglass with two vertical bars that the player could move to pick the 5x5 card that they wanted to use within the bigger grid.

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