Bally/United Manual and Schematic Hoarder

So you want to download all the manuals and schems, but are too lazy to click around to get them one-at-a-time? Me too.

'course, I tend to use something like HT Track website copier to snag a copy of an entire website for offline access, but if you're even too lazy for that, below are links to zip files that contain the manuals and schems.

Note that the manuals are the acrobat processed ones. If there's a problem in them, go to the game listing on the site and grab the big manual that is unoptimized. If the problem is not in that manual, let me know and I'll figure out a workaround to fix it.

- : 955.06MB

- : 1190.64MB

- : 183.26MB

- : 199.75MB