Games INC. : Hi Line

Game Parameters
Game Type unknown/other
Game Number unknown
Manufacture Date 1954
Number of Holes 18
Number of Odds Steps 0
Max Payout 300
Max Extra Balls 0
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S/I Card Photo
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Hi Line

The date is just a guess based on the components used in the machine, the 10 cent price and the playfield light shields with white tops. This appears to be a real game uncovered by michelle down in texas (vs. an operator hack job or a home-brew kludge).

The cabinet looks similar to United machines in proportion, but the coin door dimensions and coin return are Bally style. The shooter housing is early Bally, as is the cap over the ball lift chute. Internally, the stepper units look like neither Bally or United.

Game play looks simple. You play up to six coins/credits. Each one enables a line of four numbers. To win, you need to light at least two numbers...starting from the left number in the line!

Think of it as a 6 card game with only one horizontal line of four numbers in each card. Plus, you must light the numbers from left to right.

unknown/other games

ok, here's the catch-all category, and it covers games that I don't know or they are oddball!