Sirmo : piccadilly

Game Parameters
Game Type six-card
Game Number unknown
Manufacture Date
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 0
Max Payout 0
Max Extra Balls 0
Game Manual
 - manual (pdf) : 1.13MB


There are three games in one. After full reset you have to press the red button which starts the reel spinning and sometimes it takes a number of spins to light the word "BINGO".

Once BINGO is lit, the machine lights up the same two numbers on the each of the six cards randomly, and you shoot three balls.

If you win at least a minimum amount on the six-card game, or if the red button is pushed, you play the one-ball game. Your shoot the ball and if you hit a lit number you get paid the 5-in-line amount. You can repeat this one-ball game. When you miss the one-ball, the game starts overwith the reel to spell BINGO.

six-card games

The game type has 6 5x5 bingo cards on the backglass.

Most games enable one card per coin/credit guaranteed, but a few enable the additional cards on mystery intervals.

Individual numbers light on all enabled cards at the same time, and wins on each card were scored separately, although only the highest winner on each card counted (i.e. if you had two 3-in-line winners on the same card, you got paid for only one. If you had a 3-in-line and a 4-in-line on the same card, you got paid the 4-in-line amount).

To encourage maximum coins to be played, the payouts generally increased for successive cards. The max payout for a game is usually only obtainable on card #6.

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