Wimi : Miss Bowling Golden

Game Parameters
Game Type magic lines
Game Number unknown
Manufacture Date 1990
Number of Holes 25
Number of Odds Steps 9
Max Payout 900
Max Extra Balls 3
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Miss Bowling Golden

Similar to a lot of the solid state versions of the Bally bally:miss_america, but this one has lots of additional features that I have no idea how they work.

The only info I have is the backglass picture.

magic lines games

The first feature that mechanically moved numbers!

The numbers on the bingo card were on strips that could be moved one position by turning knobs/pushing buttons on the foot rail.

Usually, the numbered strips were the vertical columns of the card, and they could be shifted up/down one position. When a column was shifted up, the top number "wrapped" and became the bottom number. The bottom number wrapped to the top when shifting down.

Miss America introduced horizontally shifting lines that used two 5x5 cards next to each other. A number could be slid from one card to the other.

12 8 14 3
3 12 8 14
14 3 12 8
8 14 3 12
The third type of magic line is the cleverest. It is a horizontal line consisting of four numbers. The numbers would shift right through all four positions. When a number fell off the right side, it reappeared on the left. For example, here is the four possible magic line positions on Cypress Gardens:

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