Light Shields

OK, after poking around checking into getting the playfield lamp shields reproduced, it occured to me to just ask the current bingo manufacturers. So, I ordered a few spare sets from eurautomat. Now, if I could read french, or maybe it's dutch, and convert euro into $US, I could probably figure out exactly what I paid for them. Or I can just make it a nice even $15/set of eight includes shipping.

The last batch I got from seeben were more translucent and kinda like a bumpy plastic milk bottle texture. This new batch is closer to the original bally ones. More opaque.

The style is the standard tall shields with the red tops that fit all the games from around 1954 (after surf club) onward. You can try them on the earlier games. What is probably needed is to cut off the bottom and cut a slit in the base so it can be pushed over the metal lamp base.

First person with an early game who wants to try it I will refund the money if it doesn't work.

This time the shields came without the red sticker applied to the top. You get to do that yourself (stickers are supplied). Note that early games didn't have the red tops, but the shields on those games are shorter and need the slit, so you have to modify these guys. The stickers are slightly larger than the top, so if you are really detail oriented (i.e. anal), you'll want to trim around the edge with a razor after applying the sticker. On the bright side, they are $5 cheaper than the last batch.

Pay by cash, check, or paypal. Foreign currency accepted as long as it's not as ugly as $US. Payment can wait until you've received the things and check them out, so toss me an address and I can mail a set.