bingo cards
John B.

John dug this one up, and it looks like a legitimate bingo-style game. Here's what john said:

I have a friend looking for some info on a bingo game he owns. It was built in Ithaca, NY by DeLo Specialty Co. and the name of the game is 'Bingo Cards'.

The body is the size of a standard pinball (or close to it). The head is quite small - no more than 1/2 the size of a Gottlieb wedgehead's head. The body has a kind of roulette wheel in 1/2 of it. It looks like it is from the 40's or maybe early 50's but that is just a guess.

He sent along the following pics.

The playfield is similar to United's ABC and 345, but it's definitely not the same or made by the same people. Looks like you have one coin slide per card, and john didn't know if it is a payout machine.

Delo Specialties references aren't falling out of web search engines, so for now we don't know if they where the manufacturer or they cobbled the thing together from other pieces.

Here's a case where Dick Bueschel is sorely missed!

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