Games With Flippers
keith nickaldo

Except in a couple regions where bingo operation was specifically legal, running a machine was an exercise in convincing the local law not to remove the thing and drop it off a cliff.

One of the fun things about law is you can try and use the vague and/or specific phrasing to your advantage. While the Korpran Decision pretty much classified the bingos as gambling devices, other rulings determined in a lot of locations that flipper pins were skill machines, so the winning of free games on those was ok.

Obvious solution...stick flippers on a bingo. Bally never did it, but the usual operator approach was to remove the bottom two playfield lights and curly rebound springs and stick flippers through the holes. Since you don't want the player to have a lot of control, often impulse flippers were used so you can't hold the flipper in an up position.

On this dixieland, only one flipper button was used and both flippers activated at the same time.

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