Sho Gal

WHOA! Take a dash of artwork from Bally Can-Can, mix in a "skill spot" - whatever that means, and stash the glass for a few dozen years in a operator warehouse in New Orleans.

What Neil found I have no idea...was it for a home-made modification of an existing machine, a never produced sample machine, or even a later game from Belgium?

The placement of the main elements like the replay register and supersection panels would tilt the odds in favor that this was a modified version of can-can. Speculating entirely on about six words on the backglass, the skill spot feature was likely the ability to for the player to choose a number to be spotted (lit with no corresponding ball in the hole) from the set of five shown in the upper-left panel.

To balance things out, they took away the high scoring for the blue section, but had to leave 3-in-blue for 300 otherwise the blue screen section would do nothing.

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