Six Shots
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The "ohio dime games" as jeffrey lawton calls them have a history of reproduction backglasses. Usually the name was changed to spottem.

This time, we find a game that someone went one step further...they also repainted the cabinet.

Below are the pics from ebay. It appears the game is a hybrid of a bally Fun Way (playfield) and Barrel-o-fun (cabinet).

At the time of this writing, the bid was up to $202. Considering the game is not working, and the coin door/lockdown bar have seen better days, that's a lot of money for a slapped together machine. On the other hand, the seller was very honest in their description, so the buyer shouldn't have any surprises. At least the head guts look clean.

Info from Jeffrey Lawton:

I am reading you info on "Six Shot" in the "oddities" section. I actually have had a couple of these games, even with the cabinet repaint like the one you display. The closest electrical match I can come up with is the origional "Lotta Fun" which doesn't contain the "Yellow Line" on the 6 cards. Also, the games I had were changed to give the player all 6 cards for one coin.

I have been told that this modification was made to get around a Penn. law forbidding games to accept multiple coins during a single game.

What I did was to change the game so the "6 card - 1 coin" was an option rather then required. This allowed me to have the game work a number of ways:

  1. Ohio dime game style - 1 coin 1 card, any points are played automatically after the first coin is played crediting 1 card for each point (or 100 points depending on which back glass is in use on the game).
  2. Credit - 1 card 1 coin, any points won are played off as credits, 1 card per credit. Coin not needed to start game if credits have been won.
  3. 1 coin 6 cards - normally 6 cards per quarter. Any points won are played off as credits, 1 card per 1 point. Logic here was the player was making a profit on each coin because he got 30 cents worth of cards for 25 cents. The down side is that if you only win 4 points but want to play 6 cards you've got to spend a quarter to buy the last two cards, bummer...

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