How to make the game free play

Games affected: all games with replay register
see also another freeplay technique

Setting the bingo machine on free play is actually a two step problem. Primarily we are interested in permanently closing one set of switches on the replay register, so even when the register is zero, the game thinks there are available credits.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple, as a standard function of a bingo is to reset the replay register to zero on power-on. If the replay register switch is set such that zero is never detected, then the game will sit forever trying to complete the replay register reset.

The good news, however is that the simplest way around the reset problem is also the most convenient for home use (and game debugging) - disable the reset-at-power-on function so the game just leaves the credits on the replay register at power-on. The replay reset circuit is covered elsewhere, so we'll just approach this in cookbook fashion.

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