Why does my game payout incorrectly?

Games affected: all

Payout problems come in a few flavors, so we'll divide the cases up and look at each one in some detail. For all cases, keep in mind the general sequence of a payout:

  1. search wipers rotating cause search relays to open/close
  2. when enough of the search relays close at the same time, a winner is detected and 50V is passed to a replay counter disc.
  3. if the replay counter disc has not already stepped up to at least the payout level detected, then the 50V is passed through it to power the search index coil
  4. when the search index coil pulls in the plunger, the attached arm grabs the search wipers and stops them from turning. At the same time, the replay cams index coil is powered
  5. while the replay cams index coil has power, the replay cams can turn. switches on the replay cams pulse the replay register and the replay counter discs to step them up
  6. when the replay counter disc steps up to the payout level, the 50V is cut off to the search index coil, replay cams index coil, and the replay register step up circuit.
  7. the search wipers are released to look for more winners, and the replay cams rotate until they reach the home position, where they are locked.