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How They Work - Score Disc/Replay Counter

All games that have advancing scores (odds) have at least one set of these guys. Later games usually have three or four, one set for scores in each colored line/section. The function of the score disc is broken down into multiple pieces:

  • light the score lamps
  • feed the replay counter so it can pay out the right amount. on most games, pick which switch on the replay cams pulses the replay counter step-up coil
  • score unit advance
  • game proportioning

Let's take a loot at each one of these functions by looking at what the manual says and peeking at the schematic. One of the nice things about the early bingos is that Bally documented the units more descriptively in the manual. Later games tend to have terse descriptions that are of little use unless you have a good understanding of what is going on.

score disc
surf club
score disc diagram - click for big version

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