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How They Work - Timer Unit

Motor Shutdown or Tilt

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On games without a R-button, the timer unit steps up in a kinda random fashion via the yellow circuit. CU cam #1A closes briefly every revolution of the control unit motor. The drag arm switch is mounted on the front of the drag arms, so it closes whenever one of the drag arm cam lobes pushes an arm away from the control unit shaft. The timing between switch #1A closing and the drag arms moving changes due to the way the drag arms work, so you get a pulse through once in a while. Eventually the timer unit will reach step 38, and a switch will get closed by a pin on the timer unit step-up ratchet. The ratchet is rotating clockwise, so the pin has to travel all the way around to close the switch.

On games with an R-button, the timer unit shuts off the motors just a few steps after the fifth ball is shot. The timer unit is still advanced the same way by using drag arm and CU cam #1A switches. This can lead to a serious problem if the motors stop during payout (serious as in burned coils and fires). More infomation on this is posted on the common problems page.

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