The general overhaul procedure is covered in the Magic Ring writeup, so this is just some notes on a Miss America.

Overall, the internals of this machine were pretty lousy. A lot of rust on unit frames and completely gummed up mixer and control unit shafts meant this game was going to take a lot of time. Turned out that meant over 50 hours, but at least I got to play one of the horizontal magic line games again. It's been a while, and compared to games like Big Time, I think it's more interesting.

The below mound of paperwork, rubber rings, some kind of fuzzy stuff was pulled out from under/over/around the control unit shaft, and is the remnants of a rodent condo. When you find that, it's very likely you'll find other evidence of habitation as well.

rodent condo construction materials

Fortunately, the rodent had moved out before I got the game. At least, I think so. I didn't dig through the stuff looking for carcasses.