Golden Game, Gate, Purple Section

The GATE feature lights on mystery intervals. When lit, this feature permits the screen to be moved to the right exposing the Purple Section. Three balls lighting numbers in the Purple Section awards a Golden Game.


golden_game_award.JPG - 11635 Bytes golden_game_winner.JPG - 14653 Bytes
Golden Game scores are based on the Green Odds. The Golden Game may be awarded with only the upper panel lit, 3 in any Gold Section solid or striped scores as indicated, or it may include the extra advantage of 2 in the striped sections scores as indicated. This feature, with Green Odds at 600 is more advantageous than 2-in-Blue Section scores 600. Two in the striped Gold Section above scores 96 replays as indicated. The small red arrow at the bottom of the Golden Game panel lights when the 2-in-striped section advantage will be awarded. The lamp is burned out at this time so it does not show as lit.

The arrow may light at any time on a mystery basis, even before the Gate feature is lit to encourage more coin play to lite the Gate feature.