Red Letter Game

A Red Letter Game is an extra free game awarded for successfully shooting at least two balls into the Orange Section. The Orange Section is presented to the player on a mystery basis, and is indicated by lighting the O-K feature on the backglass.

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The Red Letter Games begins a new game with guaranteed features lit. The value corresponds to the red letter in the name S-I-L-V-E-R which is lit. The red letter displayed corresponds to the value of the Green Odds advancements. The higher the Green Odds, the higher the Red Letter.

The guaranteed features are described on an instruction card.

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In this example, the Red Letter E is lit, so the guaranteed features will be Red 450/240/120, Yellow 300/144/64, Green 450/240/120, Red Super Section Lights, Magic Screen Advances to E and After 5th Ball lights.

After all other possible scores are registered, the Red Letter Game is claimed by holding down the "R" or Register button until the balls dump from the play field. The clicks heard before the balls dump are search relays and stepper switches searching the sections for winning combinations. The Green Diagonal 2-22-17 scores 120 replays in addition to the Orange Section win.

View O-K Game award.

O-K Game Award AVI

After the O-K Game is awarded, additional coins may be played for additional odds and features.