Time Tree

Extra time to move the Magic Screen (Before 5th Ball or After 5th Ball) may be achieved on a mystery basis by coin play or by hitting a lit Yellow or Red Rollover. The rollover targets also light on a mystery interval.

Payouts are not made until the 4th ball is shot at which time normally the Magic Screen is locked into position. The extra time allows collection of a score and further movement of the Magic Screen for more scores or better advantage. This feature extends to the O-K Orange Section and GATE Purple Section also.

The "Before 5th Ball" advantage here was achieved by hitting the Yellow Rollover. Notice the lit arrow beside Yellow Rollover Lit. This arrow increments on a mystery basis with coin play. It can increment all the way to "After 5th Ball."

The Red Rollover increases time to "After 5th Ball."

See examples of rollovers extending time.

Yellow Rollover AVI

Red Rollover AVI